NK 8.0.20   


AZOKA is a pelleted NK organo-mineral fertilizer containing slow-release nitrogen; it is specific for crops in watery environments.

This product is obtained by reacting AGROGEL® and potassium at 85°C.


  • It is characterized by the progressive release of the elements;


  • It feeds crops with high nitrogen and potassium requirements that are made available throughout the crop cycle.


AZOKA is optimal if it is employed at sowing or in top dressing in rice, corn and other spring cereals. The use of AZOKA ensures quality and marketable yields.



Other formulations based on AGROGEL® and potassium chloride are available in packaging of kg 500 (PELLET 6 mm):


  • AZOKA NPK 10-5-20
  • AZOKA NPK 14-0-20
Based on
25 - 500 kg
Solids - Pellets - 4 mm
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  • Total Nitrogen (N) 6 %
    • Of which: Organic Nitrogen (N) 6 %
  • Water soluble Potassium oxide (K2O) 18 %
  • Total Magnesium oxide (MgO) 3 %
  • Organic Carbon (C) 20 %
  • Organic Matter 34 %
  • pH 7,6 
  • Salinità - EC 3,9 dS/m
Doses and methods of use of the fertilizer
    • All
      400-700 kg/ha
      Pre-sowing or application after sowing

      Covering or underground

    • Tobacco
      400-600 kg/ha
      Pre-sowing or application after sowing

      Covering or underground

Dosages are purely indicative and may vary depending on pedoclimatic conditions and average yields expected.

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